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Author: Stuart Gibbard


360 pages

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The history of tractors and agriculture in England cannot be told without the story of David Brown Ltd., one of the largest producers of tractors in England during the twentieth century. This closely-researched, highly-illustrated history tells the whole story of what is probably the most significant period in the company's history. It focuses on the period during which the motto of this celebrated Yorkshire company was "mechanizing the world's farms."

It was no idle boast; as this book explains, the company expanded its product line to embrace various models, becoming a serious contender on the global market. The famous Cropmaster remained in production until 1953, but the exciting new developments followed included the six-cylinder 50D, the innovative row-crop 2D, and a range of crawlers and industrial tractors. Diversifying still further, David Brown added the old-established firm of Harrison, McGregor & Guest, together with its range of Albion implements, to its portfolio in 1955.

The early 1960s saw the arrival of the Emblematic range before the era of red David Brown tractors came to an end in 1964.

This highly illustrated book is the result of many years of meticulous research. The author interviewed many of the surviving engineers, designers, and other staff involved in the development and marketing of David Brown's products. For anyone interested in English industrial history, this authoritative work by Stuart Gibbard, editor of Old Tractor magazine, is essential reading. Many of the illustrations are taken from David Brown's archives and have not been seen before.

It is the second in a trilogy of books profiling David Brown and its products in detail.